room design

September 8, 2008

i am loving the chic styling of this room…

source: desire to inspire


everything about this collection was impressive to me – the unusual but wearable pieces were so interesting and bold, as well as right on trend with the whole architectural focus in fashion lately.

actually, many trends were present in this collection – from fringed hemlines, to big necklaces, to loose pants – everything was shown on a neutral color palette with soft & flowy fabrics being grounded by hard & heavy accessories.

here are some of my favorites:































source : the fashion spot

inspiration boards

August 26, 2008

i’m a big fan of style me pretty’s inspiration boards – they are meant for weddings, but could be used to plan any large scale event. in any case, i love seeing what soon-to-be-brides come up with for their big day. the boards not only show their chosen color palette, but also the overall feeling she would like. they range from ethereal and classic to fun and loud. each board i’ve seen is creativity at its best, with each image carefully chosen to represent the theme.

here’s my stab at an inspiration board, with the theme colors being shades of blue, purple, gold, and silver.

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vogue india

August 25, 2008

the september 08 cover of vogue india, with bollywood actress priyanka chopra, is edgy-gothic-chic. a major step-up from previous vogue india covers. the razor sharp cut of her hair, to the sharp contrast of the two major colors on the cover – red&black – this cover is definitely something that caught my eye.

art bars

August 20, 2008

i stopped by teaism today for some chai (they make the best) and picked up an ithaca fine chocolates “art bar” that features an art reproduction on a little collectible card right inside the wrapper. 10% of the profits made from the art bars go to support arts education. isn’t that great? and the art reproduction i got with my swiss dark chocolate bar was so beautiful. by artist resa blatman, the piece is titled, red hot peevish birds, and is an oil on wood. i’d love to have it hanging in my home one day. for now, i’ve got its little reproduction on that collectible card tacked right onto my bulletin board.

red hot peevish birds, oil on wood, resa blatman

red hot peevish birds, oil on wood, resa blatman

you can check out more of the artists featured in the art bars here.